The Purpose

The Jacquelyn is a curated space elevating community, creativity, and wellness, inspired by the spirit of Jacquelyn Anderson. Our two clubs, the Blue Shutter Club and the Blue J Club, encourage members to connect, collaborate, relax, and recharge.

Origin Story

Jacquelyn Anderson was a talented artist with a passion for philanthropy. With Jackie’s passing from cancer in 2021, her husband, Jim Anderson, wanted to honor her life and legacy. He enlisted Jackie’s friend and fellow artist, Maren Conrad, to envision and lead the design, development, and direction of the Jacquelyn Project in its entirety.

Everything about the Jacquelyn honors the spirit of Jackie and her desire for a vibrant culture of creativity, curiosity, and community.

The Building

Inspired by the bold modernism of Bauhaus design, the Jacquelyn also has the sensuous ambiance of Gertrude Stein’s Parisian salon.

The Jacquelyn’s design draws inspiration from Bauhaus—particularly in the sleek Glass Box entrance, which nods to the glass façade of the Bauhaus school in Dessau. The building embodies the Bauhaus ethos: aspirational, inclusive, and boldly contemporary, and is a nod to the architects and designers in Sacramento who embraced this new movement during the postwar construction. 

Gertrude Stein’s Salon inspires Jacquelyn’s atmosphere and stylized approach to fostering lively social engagement and community. The infamous Gertrude Stein was a natural connector of social worlds. Stein’s salon was a welcoming refuge that nurtured new creative ideas, inclusion, and social relationships. The Library on the second floor particularly evokes Stein’s apartment’s comfort, while our vibrant social offerings capture the rolling dinner party merriment of her regular gatherings.  

Inside the Jacquelyn building

Jacquelyn Team

The Jacquelyn team is a unique blend of professionals who proudly embrace their distinct skills and perspectives. Our shared passion for this project and collaboration fuels our creativity and commitment to delivering an exceptional experience. 

Living in the Blue

The Jacquelyn’s mission is to foster connections that nourish the mind, body, and soul. This is evident in everything we do so our members and their guests find surprise and delight around every corner.