5 Ways Social Connection Improves Your Longevity

In an unprecedented time saturated with technology, the power and importance of social connection is something easy to lose sight of. Here are five ways social connection improves your longevity: 

1. Physical Health 

Social connection is directly linked to physical health in several studies. When social, our immune systems strengthen, and our stress and inflammation levels decrease. All of which are vital to our overall health. 

2. Mental Health 

Genuine social connections lead to an entire network of support. You can conquer anything when a community of people holds you up behind the scenes. At the Jacquelyn, you have a built-in support system. 

3. Soul Food 

We all have a purpose in this lifetime, and our social connections are our anchors. Relationships give us purpose and direction, contributing to overall life satisfaction and happiness. 

4. Healthier Habits 

Being a part of a social circle often encourages you to show up as the best version of yourself. Grab a member (or two or three) and try a new fitness class, join us on a group walk, or attend Meal Prep Mondays at the Jacquelyn

5. Improved Sense of Self 

When fostering relationships, old and new, we learn about ourselves. Supportive relationships offer advice, guidance, and feedback- all catalysts for personal development and growth. 

We all need social relationships (and quality ones at that) to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. The next time your partner asks why you spend so much time at the 

Jacquelyn, remind them it’s because you want to live longer! 

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